Workouts – 300

The cast of the film “300” underwent a rigorous training regime both prior to and during shooting of the film. The workouts, designed by Mark Twight of Gym Jones, focused on developing the GPP (General Physical Preparedness) of the cast. The Spartan Warriors depicted in the story needed to look like men capable of agility, speed and strength rather than cumbersome body-builders.

Training was based primarily around variations of 6 compound movements that cover the main plains of movement of the body. This workout was used as a timed fitness test and consists of the core exercises around which programme was designed.

The exercises:

25 dead hang pull-ups

50 dead-lifts (60kg men)

50 press-ups

50 box jumps (24” box)

50 1 arm kettle-bell clean and press (25 per side, 20kg kb)

50 floor wipers (60kg bar)

25 dead hang pull-ups

(300 reps total)

Correct form on the exercises is emphasised. There should be no movement of the lower body on the pull-ups with a complete stop at the bottom of each rep. Press-ups are performed with hands under shoulders and elbows in tight against the torso.

The weights used are a guideline and can be modified depending on your ability.

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