Prince of Persia

Workouts – Prince of Persia

Another workout from the movies… Similar in concept to the 300 program, the goal of Jake Gyllenhaal’s regime was to create a physique that appeared capable of great athleticism.

There are several workouts from the program available in magazines and on the internet. Designed by trainer Simon Waterson this is a short but intense resistance based GPP workout. Some interesting exercises are used that combine a couple of compound movements into one technique.

The exercises:

Barbell overhead squat – Keep the bar above your head, arms straight through-out.

Barbell clean & jerk into press-up – Ground the bar after the clean & jerk, straighten legs out behind and perform a press-up with hands on the bar.

Squat-thrust into pull-up

Gym-ball jack-knife into press-up

Squat jump onto bench

Perform as a circuit, 10 reps per exercise, 4 sets, 2 minutes rest (maximum) between sets.

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