The Descent 2

Challenge No.7 – The Descent 2

Jump Squats

Renegade Press-ups

Medicine Ball Slams

40 reps of each then 30, 20, 10, in your best time

Jump Squat- Jumps don’t have to be high, but legs and hips should straighten.

Renegade Press-Ups- Perform a press-up with dumb bells in hands. At the top of each press-up lift one db towards torso, perform another press-up, then lift the other db. .

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One Response to The Descent 2

  1. getbeasted says:

    James ‘The Professor’ Picken – 8:59 (9kg db, 5 kg ball)
    Julie Jui-Jitsu – 9:45 (7kg db, 5kg ball)
    The Terminator – 10:01 (12.5kg db, 6kg ball)

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