The Monstering Club

This is a five week varied program designed to improve GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and body composition. The program invloves 2 strength sessions per week using weights and bodyweight and one HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session. Sessions are scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you need to adjust the schedule try to give yourself enough recovery between sessions and avoid training sore muscles.

You should do 1 or 2 HIIT sessions per week. You can include the wednesday session as one of these. Other sessions could be football, boxing, spinning or any other exercise that invloves bursts of all out effort.

Try to do at least 5 hours low intensity activity per week e.g. Walking, cycling, technical sports training, yoga.

If you want to see some improvements in body composition as well as performance I recommend the Paleo diet. You can  measure changes in body composition using a bodystat machine, tanitas or similar. If you don’t have access to suitable equipment, weighing and measuring or before and after photos will give you an idea.

Week 1 Workouts

These workouts are short but will give you a bench mark for progress over the next few weeks. There are some variations in the exercises according to ability level.

Record results on each exercise. You can keep them to yourself or post them in comments if you want to show off. The latter tends to result in more improvements over time.


2 to 3 mins rest between exercises.

AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

Pull Up-


2 min AMRAP (straight arms at the bottom and no leg swing or they don’t count!)


  • static hold chin above bar for time (jump or use bench to get up)
  • 30s rest
  • straight arm hang for time

Clean & Jerk / Push Press-

Advanced click here for a clean & jerk technique demo. Beginners to intermediate can perform the Clean & Push Press variation, click here for technique demo.

all: bar bell 1 rep max test

Lunges & Squats-

20s lunges

10s deep static squat

20s squat jumps

10s rest

Repeat x 4


1600m run in best time (4 laps of athletics track)

If no access to a track do a point to point run of approx 1 mile. Can use trip counter in car to measure or 5 laps of a football field.


2 to 3 mins rest between exercises.

Dead Lift-

advanced: 1 rep max test

all: body-weight 2 mins AMRAP, record number

Press Up-

standard position 2 mins AMRAP (Use a DB or plates under your chest to make sure the depth of each press-up is consistent.)

H-Pull / Inverted Row-

This is a pull up starting from lying on your back with the bar above your chest and your feet remaining in contact with the ground. Position the bar just out of reach so that your back doesn’t touch the ground at the bottom of each rep. Click here for h-pull technique demo.

2 min AMRAP


2 min medball sit ups (touch ball to ground behind head) use partner or hook feet under bar

60s plank

Repeat x 3

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13 Responses to The Monstering Club

  1. getbeasted says:

    Scores so far…
    James- clean & push press 50kg, pull ups 17
    Imran- clean & jerk 65kg, pull ups 26
    Chris- clean & jerk 70kg, pull ups 10

  2. adolf says:

    not too keen on the paedo diet, I’ll stick to egg mcmuffins and curries ta

  3. getbeasted says:

    More scores for day 1:
    Kosovan clean & jerk 60kg, pull-ups 23
    Adolf clean & press 70kg, pull-ups 20

    And day 2 (1600m):
    Chris 6:40
    Leo 7:10
    Imran 7:13

  4. getbeasted says:

    deadlift 1rm 85kg, 2 min amrap 60kg x 17
    clean & jerk 37.5kg
    press ups 2 min amrap 41
    h-pull 2 min amrap 27
    hangs 8s, 20s

    deadlift 1rm 120kg, 2 min amrap 70kg x 21
    press ups 2 min amrap 56
    h-pull 2 min amrap 38

    deadlift 1rm 145kg, 2 min amrap 90kg x 24
    press ups 2 min amrap 55
    h-pull 2 min amrap 33

    deadlift 1rm 150kg, 2 min amrap 70kg x 44
    press ups 2 min amrap 100
    h-pull 2 min amrap 55

    clean & jerk 70kg
    pull ups 2 min amrap 20
    deadlift 1rm 150kg, 2 min amrap 85kg x 27
    press ups 2 min amrap 90
    h-pull 2 min amrap 43

    deadlift 1 rm 150kg, 2 min amrap 100kg x 20
    press ups 2 min amrap 72
    h-pull 2 min amrap 30

  5. leo says:

    I note there are no times for the 1600m posted

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