The Monstering Club final week

The sixth and final week is here and it’s time to measure your progress since the beginning of the program. Simply repeat the timed / measured exercises from week 1 to see how much you have improved. Feel free to post your results in comments below.

the monstering club week 6

big lift

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One Response to The Monstering Club final week

  1. getbeasted says:

    Week 6, Day 1 scores (previous week 1 score in brackets)-

    clean & jerk 85kg (70kg)
    pull-ups 2 min amrap 14 (10)

    clean & jerk 65kg (65kg)
    h-pull 2 min amrap 63 (55)

    clean & jerk 37.5kg (37.5kg)
    chin-ups 2 min amrap 6 (8s static hold above bar)

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