Fighters Pick & Mix GPP

The world’s elite boxers tend to be those most skilled in their craft rather those with the biggest biceps. If boxing is your thing, spend most of your training time developing technique and sport specific fitness. “Fighters fight.” – As Rocky Balboa once said. This pick and mix GPP program, designed for amateurs and enthusiasts, performed once or twice a week should take care of your strength and conditioning needs.

Part 1

3 to 5 reps per side, 4 sets, any of-

  •  1 db clean & press
  • 1 db push press
  • 1 db snatch

3 to 5 reps, 4 sets of-

Pull-ups (weighted if necessary)

Part 2

Choose one exercise from each box. Complete the set number of reps on the left hand side with minimal rest. You can break up the reps into circuits however you want if the total is too much one go e.g. 5 sets of 20 reps = 100 or 2 sets of 50 reps = 100. Alternatively complete 30 seconds of each chosen exercise in a circuit. Rest 30 seconds after each circuit and complete 4 rounds.

Vary the exercise selection from week to week. Go heavy on the swings.

100 Swings, 1 hand swings, hand to hand swings, overhead swings
100 Standard press-ups, military press-ups, clap press-ups, medicine ball plyometric press-ups, pass-over press-ups
75 Parallel bar dips
50 Lunges, squats
50 Lunge jumps, squat jumps, box jumps, tuck jumps
50 Inverted rows
100 Medicine ball slams

Part 3

Plank 2 mins, side-plank 90s per side


50 x navy seal sit ups


3 x 10 wheel roll-outs, 3 x 20 Russian twists

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